Jan 24, 2013

Oh me?...I am a prototyper...I think

Hey hey there,

I got an email last night from Morgan Sterns. I know that  might sound like an investment banking firm but I assure you it is not. Morgan Sterns is MUCH cooler than that. Morgan is a designer and if you ask me a pretty damn good one. You can see her work here.

Morgan contacted me last fall about a project she was working on for a line of Water she was designing. She requested that I make a prototype holder for four of her custom water bottles. So I did what I do with scrap materials and this is what came of that:

I thought that was pretty damn awesome! The bottles are really awesome and the whole feel of the set makes me want to buy a set for realsies!

Morgan called yet again for another project that she was undertaking. This time she had a concept for a Modern Day Alchemist. Right after I Googled Alchemist I told her I was in! So her concept which is fully explained on her website is so rich in feel. It just has that SOMETHING that I love. Have a look! My part of this project was the box and the inserts. Congratulations Morgan. I wonder she will come up with next?

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