Jan 12, 2013


Happy Birthday to me. This is that time of year that my wonderful wife of almost 11 years allows me to indulge in horrific eating habits for one day. This year as 38 approached I decided to honor my cravings, damn the content and possible health complication, and went with Corn Dogs. Anything on a stick really. She sighed and shook her head but hey....It is my day so. Off we went to shop for my day.

Frozen and ready to be heated. Oven, never Micro.

Corn dogs and Pabst Blue Ribbon. This could be a Kid Rock album!

Hot and ready!

Check that out. Cheese Puffs, Whoppers, Doritos, Junior Mints, Beer, and the Dogs!

What an amazing day! We watched the final episodes of the series finale of the Gilmore Girls and ate and ate and ate. 

I love you Mrs. Wonderful! Happy Birthday to me indeed!

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