Mar 19, 2013

Being a Co-Author

Hey there everyone. I hope your week is starting well and you are doing what you love everyday. I will not bore you with the shit I do everyday like having to change the blades on my riding mower before Spring has it's way with my lawn or trying to imagine what people want to buy that is made of leftovers. That is the boring stuff.

Today I decided to bore you with the neat stuff. For the past year and a half I have been writing a book with one of my pals. Dr. Nathan Yanasak. For some background Nathan is and Astro-physicist by degree and research scientist in MRI imaging by profession. He is wicked smart but I digress. Nathan and I have been writing our book together. This is a first for me as far as writing like this goes and it has been such an interesting experience. Nathan did all of the research, photography and those related things along with writing and I did mostly just writing to make the heavenly bodies we created into the themes and mythology that are needed to tell the stories of why these constellations exist. It is funny and even of you could not care about stars you should get a kick out of laughing at Southern culture as we see it.

The basics of the book are this: We have completely re-invented the constellations in the heavens in the Northern Hemisphere. I know lofty right? But none the less it is done. Why you ask? Well I will leave that for later when the book is ready to come out but I will say be prepared to have a new astrological sign. No more Aquarius and the like. More on that in later posts...

I hope to be able to share the results of our work in the coming months as we move forward in the process.

More t

More about the book

Sorry for the ramble that was that last post but I have been so long away from writing here that I forgot to attach some pics etc.

Nathan took these in an effort to capture "things other than stars" for the book.

This was taken in Rayetown, Georgia. This is the crecent moon and the Comet Pannstars  Very nice indeed!

Have a great day!


Feb 2, 2013

Nerd Wallet (what a great name)

Frick and Frack got some love this week for the Valentine Holiday. The Four Pack is apparently a great gift for him this Heart Season! Check it out when you get a chance and Thanks Nerd Wallet for being so awesome! Happy Ground Hog Day!

Jan 24, 2013

Oh me?...I am a prototyper...I think

Hey hey there,

I got an email last night from Morgan Sterns. I know that  might sound like an investment banking firm but I assure you it is not. Morgan Sterns is MUCH cooler than that. Morgan is a designer and if you ask me a pretty damn good one. You can see her work here.

Morgan contacted me last fall about a project she was working on for a line of Water she was designing. She requested that I make a prototype holder for four of her custom water bottles. So I did what I do with scrap materials and this is what came of that:

I thought that was pretty damn awesome! The bottles are really awesome and the whole feel of the set makes me want to buy a set for realsies!

Morgan called yet again for another project that she was undertaking. This time she had a concept for a Modern Day Alchemist. Right after I Googled Alchemist I told her I was in! So her concept which is fully explained on her website is so rich in feel. It just has that SOMETHING that I love. Have a look! My part of this project was the box and the inserts. Congratulations Morgan. I wonder she will come up with next?

Jan 12, 2013


Happy Birthday to me. This is that time of year that my wonderful wife of almost 11 years allows me to indulge in horrific eating habits for one day. This year as 38 approached I decided to honor my cravings, damn the content and possible health complication, and went with Corn Dogs. Anything on a stick really. She sighed and shook her head but hey....It is my day so. Off we went to shop for my day.

Frozen and ready to be heated. Oven, never Micro.

Corn dogs and Pabst Blue Ribbon. This could be a Kid Rock album!

Hot and ready!

Check that out. Cheese Puffs, Whoppers, Doritos, Junior Mints, Beer, and the Dogs!

What an amazing day! We watched the final episodes of the series finale of the Gilmore Girls and ate and ate and ate. 

I love you Mrs. Wonderful! Happy Birthday to me indeed!

Dec 4, 2012


What has two thumbs and is loved by the Jewish Community in Southern California?  THIS GUY!

The San Diego Jewish Journal showed us some love this Holiday Season and featured the MANorah in this months issue. It is official. The chosen people love me. Well at least one.


Nov 30, 2012

How kind are people?

Happy Friday people. Today was an average day. Like most others really little work breakfast with my wife etc.. then....FED EX arrived. We were not expecting anything. Boy was I surprised.

Here is a little back story. This dude in Sweden wanted me to build the "Haughty Hobo" tote.

 I had made one a while back but it took forever to sell so after it sold I never built another. Here comes Mr. Sweden needing it as a gift. I could not list the sale under his name because his friend might see it so I listed it under "The man on an Archipeligo somewhere in the world" I built it shipped it and all was well with the world.

Here I am a month later and Fed EX shows up at the door with these babies!

A dozen Purple Roses. I know right!

And with the Roses cam this car from the man on an Archipelago somewhere in the world. 

What a great way to finish a day! What super AMAZING gesture! Thank you man on an Archpeligo somewhere in the world! Thanks for making our day!